Why Cant I Add Music to My Iphone From Itunes?

Tip #2. If you have problems syncing music from your computer to your iPhone using iTunes and are unable to do so, it’s conceivable that you may not have selected the “Music” option when you did so. So tick the “Enter Music Library” option on the iTunes music tab.

Similarly, Why can’t I manually add songs to iPhone?

If iTunes Match is on, you cannot manually add music to your iPhone. As a result, you won’t be able to transfer music to your iPhone. You may deactivate iTunes Match on your iPhone or in iTunes.

Also, it is asked, Why won’t iTunes add my music?

Reaction: A The likelihood is that the files are in a format that iTunes doesn’t like. Try moving the files into your iTunes Media folder’s Automatically Add to iTunes folder. They will either be approved or placed in a folder marked “Not Added.”

Secondly, How do I add music from iTunes to my iPhone?

Let’s look at your options. Your PC and iPhone should be connected. On your PC, start iTunes. At the top-left, look for the “Device” symbol that resembles an iPhone. Select “Music” from the menu on your iPhone. Choose which playlists you wish to move. Choose “Apply.” Select “Sync” if it doesn’t sync right away.

Also, How do I manually add songs to my iPhone?

Select the Manually manage music, movies, and TV programs check box under the General tab. In the lower-right corner, click Apply. Navigate to the material you want to add on your iPhone by opening the Music app. Any song, album, or artist may be selected and then moved to the iPhone button in the Devices section of the left menu bar.

People also ask, Why can’t I import songs to Apple Music?

Locate the file in your downloads folder, confirm its integrity (measure the size), and then choose Open With > Music from the context menu. The file will begin to play and be added to your library if it is compatible. It will “error quietly,” or do nothing, if the file is incompatible.

Related Questions and Answers

Can’t add songs iTunes 2021?

Activate iTunes and sign in with your account (Tip: Account > Sign out > Re-sign in. In some cases, it resolves the problem. Step 2: Click the “File” tab “Add File to Library” or “Add Folder to Library” should be chosen.

Can I transfer an emailed MP3 file to my iPhone music without a computer?

No need to use iTunes or connect into a computer. You may add any media file you have on your iPhone to your media library. You may use Bridge to quickly add songs that friends email you or that you download from Dropbox to your iPhone’s music collection.

Can I download songs directly to my iPhone?

Apple Music customers may add and download music and videos from Apple Music in the Music app. When you have an internet connection, you may stream music that you have added to your iPhone. You must first download the song in order to listen to it while you are not online.


Itunes won’t let me move music to iphone is a common problem that users run into. There are many reasons why it happens, but the most common reason is because your device does not have enough storage space.

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