What Is an Epk in Music?

You may cut through the noise with the aid of an electronic press kit, or EPK. An EPK, which is your professional résumé and business card packaged in one place, makes it simple for professionals in the music industry, including managers, booking agents, venues, promoters, journalists, and more, to access and evaluate your work.

Similarly, What should be in an EPK?

An EPK often contains connections to a band’s music, images of the band, album art, music videos, social media accounts, and biography—everything a person in the music business needs to understand a band’s history, aesthetic, and content in one spot. Because of their increased popularity, EPKs have supplanted conventional press kits.

Also, it is asked, Why does an artist need an EPK?

An EPK is used by artists to get the media excited about a new release, to schedule performances at events or festivals, or to catch the attention of record companies, publishers, and booking agencies. The EPK is essentially a digital way to start a discussion.

Secondly, How much does it cost for an EPK?

What is the price of an EPK? It’s fantastic news for artists that the cost of building an EPK that may aid in booking shows and connecting with influencers has significantly decreased over the last ten or so years. Estimates from earlier, when EPKs were initially becoming popular, range from $500 to well over $2,000.

Also, Do songwriters need an EPK?

An electronic press kit (EPK) is a need for any artist — and particularly an independent musician — wanting to further their career, whether you’re taking on the role of publicist and promoter for your new album or you’re looking to organize a tour for your band.

People also ask, Is a one sheet the same as an EPK?

Your One Sheet: Much like a press release, an EPK’s one-sheet condenses and distills its key information onto a single page. It is often used to publicize the release of an album.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I create an EPK for free?

A landing page is the ideal place to start when creating a free EPK. With ConvertKit, you can quickly alter the contents of your EPK and develop a landing page in the next 10 minutes. Our landing page editor is user-friendly and quick to modify.

How do I make an EPK from scratch?

How to write a succinct EPK bio for an EPKWrite. Include music links. Dates and information about the concert should be added. In your EPK, include any press releases. Use images taken by experts. video music embedding Take note of any mentions that are pertinent. Specify any contact information.

Where can I host my EPK?

Your band’s EPK should be hosted on a website, cloud, or music service. Cloud file storage options like Dropbox. It’s simple: I’d take care of all three. Website for your band. Own The Right To Update The Content On Your Website. EPKs for music services such as ReverbNation and Sonicbids. Must-Haves

Can an EPK be a PDF?

Making a website in the early days of the internet was difficult, therefore EPKs were distributed as PDF files. Even though technology has changed, some musicians continue to provide EPKs in PDF format.

Whats the difference between an EPK and a website?

The public may be the primary audience for your website or any social media pages, but industry professionals are the primary audience for your EPK. You should keep your EPK separate since it will include a lot of information that the general public will not find useful.

How do I email an EPK?

Please post any questions in the comments section below, and I’ll try my best to respond. Be succinct. Tell folks what you want out front. Keep a thorough email signature with a link to your EPK. Absent attachments, please. Never be reluctant to follow up. Be considerate.

What is an artist press kit?

A press kit, also known as an electronic press kit (EPK), is a portfolio of your work as an artist that includes all of the pertinent details that online media, radio, booking agencies, labels, and other parties may need of you for a particular opportunity.

How many photos can you have on an EPK?

Photos: For the EPK, you just need 2 or 3 high-quality images, but they must be taken professionally. As the first impression that people will have of your band, promotional photos are worth the little investment.

Who uses EPK?

An EPK, as its name suggests, is often utilized by the press, journalists, media, or bloggers, but it may also be used by other professionals in the business, such as talent buyers and promoters. Selling oneself and facilitating the other party’s compliance with your requests are the two main goals of EPKs.

Is ReverbNation an EPK?

The extremely customisable ReverbNation EPK assists you in focusing on venues, promoters, and the media You may set up your EPK with your statistics and information and send it out in just a few clicks.

How do I make an artist Onesheet?

9 Ideas to Develop a Killer Artist 1 sheet logo/Artist Name. The top of your artist one page should clearly display your artist logo. Press Image. a succinct biography. Major accomplishments. press quotations Social Media Usernames and IDs. Tour or Album Information. Videos/Additional Imagery

Is sonicbids a good EPK?

Sonicbids has been fantastic to use. It puts the chances to advance your career at your fingertips. If you have the skill, Sonicbids provides you the chance to get your music in front of the people who can book you for the performances, radio appearances, and publicity that your music merits.

Who uses Bandzoogle?

10 innovative and creative ways to utilize Bandzoogle’s site builder, A La Mode Collections, beyond music. https://almcollections.com . Being in Relation. https://relational-being.com . Hip-hop, coffee, and mental health. https://chhamh.com. Taylor Dawn https://tiffanydawn.net. Kingdom of Clues. Studio 8 Exercise. Cams for small engines

Is EPK a press release?

They conflate a press kit with a press release (same as a media kit). Simply said, a press kit contains a press release. A press kit is a collection of facts for the media, bloggers, or anybody else who needs additional context, information, images, or graphics about you or your business.

Are press kits still relevant?

Press kits: are they still useful? Press kits remain useful for both traditional and internet firms, yes. Today, many businesses provide an electronic press kit on their websites so that journalists may quickly and easily discover crucial information.

How do I send my music to labels?

How to Contact Record Labels with a Demo Prepare a demo for submission. Your demo must first be ready for submission, which is a crucial initial step. Research on record labels. Check out the Demo Policy. Instead of files, provide links. Use authorized contact channels. Customize the message you send. cultivate connections. Reminder Email.

How do I reach out to people in the music industry?

How to Connect in the Music Business Make sure to get ready. Don’t forget to be ready for networking events. Set a goal for yourself. The amount of new individuals you intend to meet is an apparent example of this (otherwise known as touchpoints). Asking yourself this question will help. Consider your next words before you speak. Be assured.

How do music producers use Instagram?

Title and URL in the table of contents. Take Advantage of Your Bio. Picture for a professional profile. Make use of a business profile. Alternate Your Content. Think about video length. Hashtag Approach. Keep an eye on your Instagram story.

How do you introduce musicians on stage?

content displays If possible, get a written introduction from the performer or singer. Note the introduction in writing. Verify Strange Pronunciations. Consider your audience while deciding how to respond to the performance. Invite the performer to the stage. Allow the performer to take it away.

What does an artist bio look like?

A brief summary of the artist’s practice should be included in an artist bio. It’s not necessary to provide an artist’s whole résumé or biography. Concentrate on a few key ideas that, in your opinion, best describe the artist and their work. Always mention the artist’s media, subjects, methods, and inspirations.

Whats better than ReverbNation?

SoundCloud is the finest substitute and it’s free. The applications Bandcamp, Audius Music, hearthis.at, and Radio4000 are all excellent alternatives to ReverbNation. Alternatives to ReverbNation tend to be music streaming services, however they might also be audio players or music discovery services.


An “epk” is a digital file that contains the information about a song. The epk can be used to share music with friends, download the song, and more.

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