How to Play Music in Rec Room?

Wondering how to get your tunes playing in Rec Room? Check out our easy guide and get music playing in your game in no time!

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This guide will introduce you to the controls for playing music in Rec Room. You will need to have a VR headset and two controllers to play music in Rec Room.

To start playing music, go to the main menu and select “Play Music”. You will then be able to choose from a variety of different songs. To play a song, hover over the song with one of your controllers and press the trigger button. You can also pause and resume playback by pressing the trigger button.

To adjust the volume of the music, use the left thumbstick on your controller. Toskip to the next song, press the X button on your controller. To go back to the previous song, press the Y button on your controller.

You can also create your own custom playlist by selecting “Create Playlist” from the main menu. You will then be able to add or remove songs from your playlist.

What is Rec Room?

Rec Room is a free social platform that allows you to create and play games with your friends. One of the most popular features of Rec Room is the ability to play music in the background of your games. You can play any song you like from your personal library, or choose from hundreds of songs that are available for free in the Rec Room Music Store.

To play music in Rec Room, simply select the ‘Music’ tab from the main menu and then choose the ‘Play Music’ option. From here, you can either search for a specific song or browse by genre. Once you’ve found a song you want to play, simply hit the ‘Play’ button and it will start playing in the background of your game. You can control the volume of the music by using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

So whether you’re looking to set the mood for a game of dance party or just want to listen to some tunes while you’re gaming, playing music in Rec Room is a great way to do it!

Why Play Music in Rec Room?

Music has always been a big part of human life and there are many reasons why people play music. Music can be used to express emotions, relieve stress, and even create a certain mood. Playing music in Rec Room can have many benefits for both the player and the people around them.

Rec Room is a social VR game where players can interact with each other in various ways. One of the best ways to socialize in Rec Room is by playing music together. Not only is playing music a great way to bond with other players, but it can also be used to create a fun and inviting atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a reason to start playing music in Rec Room, here are some of the benefits that you may experience:

-Reduced stress levels: Research has shown that listening to music can help reduce stress levels and anxiety. Playing music in Rec Room can be a great way to unwind after a long day or week.
-Improved mood: Music has also been shown to improve moods, making it a great way to brighten up your day or the day of those around you.
-Bonding with others: As mentioned before, playing music is a great way to bond with other players in Rec Room. Creating music together can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.
-Increased focus: If you’re looking to increase your focus while playing games in VR, listening to music can help. Music can serve as a distraction from any outside noise and help you concentrate on the task at hand.
-Enhance your gameplay experience: Playing your favorite tunes while gaming in VR can enhance your overall gameplay experience. Whether you’re exploring new worlds or engaging in intense combat, adding music can make the experience even more immersive and enjoyable

How to Play Music in Rec Room?

You can play music in Rec Room in a few different ways. You can either use your own music player, or you can use the built-in Rec Room music player.

If you want to use your own music player, you will need to connect it to the Rec Room audio system. To do this, you will need to use a 3.5mm audio cable. Once you have connected your music player, you will be able to control it from the Rec Room interface.

If you want to use the built-in Rec Room music player, you can access it from the main menu. From here, you can choose from a variety of different songs and playlists. You can also control the volume and other settings from here.

Tips for Playing Music in Rec Room

You can use Rec Room to play your favorite tunes with friends, family, or other people you meet in the virtual world. Here are some tips for playing music in Rec Room:

– Choose a song that everyone knows and loves. A classic rock song or pop ballad is usually a good choice.
– Make sure the song is appropriate for the occasion. If you’re just hanging out with friends, you can choose any song you like. But if you’re at a party or other social event, it’s best to avoid songs with explicit lyrics.
– Find a version of the song that’s easy to sing along to. An instrumental version or karaoke track is usually best.
– Play the song at a comfortable volume. You don’t want the music to be too loud or too soft.
– Press the play button and enjoy!

Best Practices for Playing Music in Rec Room

There are a few things to keep in mind when playing music in Rec Room. First, be aware of the volume of your music. You don’t want to blast your music and disrupt other players’ gaming experiences. Second, try to play a variety of music that will appeal to different taste. Third, be mindful of the overall mood you are trying to create with your music. too much loud or upbeat music can create a chaotic and confusing environment.

Troubleshooting Music Issues in Rec Room

Playing music in Rec Room is a great way to set the tone for your game room and add some fun and personality to your space. However, sometimes you may run into issues with music not playing properly. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get your music back on track.

First, check to make sure that the volume in the game is turned up. You can do this by opening the Settings menu and looking for the Volume slider. If it is turned all the way down, turn it up and see if that fixes the problem.

If the volume is already turned up, try restarting the game. Sometimes Rec Room can have trouble loading music files, and restarting the game will refresh these files and get things working again.

Still having trouble? Try completely exiting Rec Room and restarting it. This will often fix more stubborn issues with music playback.

If you’ve tried all of these troubleshooting tips and you’re still having problems playing music in Rec Room, please contact our support team for further assistance.


In conclusion, playing music in Rec Room is not difficult. You just need to download the music files to your computer, add them to your Rec Room Library, and then select the “music” option in the Rec Room settings. You can also use the “background” option in the Rec Room settings to play music while you are playing other games.

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Additional Resources

In addition to the in-game soundtracks, you can also import your own music tracks into Rec Room. This can be done by converting your music files into .ogg format and placing them in the correct directory on your computer. For more detailed instructions, please see our guide on how to play custom music in Rec Room.

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