How to Make Gba Music?

Are you a fan of Game Boy Advance music? Do you want to know how to make your own GBA music? If so, then this blog post is for you!

In this post, we’ll show you how to make GBA music using a free online tool. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make your music sound great. So if you’re ready to learn how to make GBA music, read on!

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Music has always been an integral part of the Game Boy Advance experience. From the classic 8-bit tunes of the original Game Boy to the orchestrated masterpieces of Advance Wars, GBA music has never failed to provide gamers with an aural treat.

What You Need

In order to make music on a GBA, you will need a few things. The first is a GBA emulator. There are many different ones available, but for this guide we will be using VisualBoy Advance. You can download it [here]( You will also need a way to create and edit audio files. For this, we recommend [Audacity]( It is a free and open source program that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Finally, you will need some sort of audio file that you want to use as your GBA music. This can be in any format, but we recommend using MP3 or WAV files for best quality.

Once you have all of these things downloaded and installed, you are ready to start making GBA music!

Setting Up

In order to make GBA music, you will need the following:
-A means of playing back MIDI files. This can be either a hardware device or a software program.
-An understanding of how MIDI files work.
-A GBA emulator. This is necessary in order to hear the music you create, as well as to test it on real hardware.
-A copy of the GBATek documentation. This provides information on the GBA’s sound hardware and how to use it.

Once you have all of these things, you are ready to start creating GBA music!

Making the Music

The first step is to open up GBASoundTracker. You will be greeted by a somewhat overwhelming interface, but don’t worry, we will only be using a few of the features.

The first thing you need to do is create a new project. To do this, go to “File” -> “New” -> “Project…”. A new window will pop up asking you for the name of your project and where you want to save it. I like to keep all my projects in one place, so I create a folder on my desktop called “GBA Music”. Give your project a name and click “Save”.

Now that you have created a new project, it’s time to add some tracks. Tracks are the individual components that make up your song. To add a track, go to “File” -> “New” -> “Track…”. A new window will pop up asking you for the name of your track and the type of track you want to create. For this tutorial, we will be using the “2A03 Pulse 1+2″ track type, which is the most common type used for GBA music. Give your track a name and click “Create Track”.

You should now see your new track appear in the main window. If not, go to “View” -> “Show Tracks List”. Now it’s time to start adding some notes!

To add a note, simply click on the desired location on the grid and then select the note you want from the drop-down menu that appears above the grid. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “A-G” followed by the note duration (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc.). For example, if you want to add an A-flat quarter note at position 0 beats (the very beginning), you would type “A-4″ or click on position 0 beats and select “A-flat quarter note” from the drop-down menu

Exporting the Music

In order to make GBA music, you will need to export the music from your DAW (digital audio workstation) as an .SGC file. The .SGC file format is a special format that is designed for the Game Boy Advance.

Once you have exported your .SGC file, you can then use a special tool to convert it into a .MIDI file. The .MIDI file format is a standard format that can be played on any MIDIdevice.

Finally, you can use a program like iTunes or Windows Media Player to play your new GBA music on your computer!


In conclusion, there are several ways to make Gba music. The most popular method is to use a music sequencer, but there are also a number of other ways to create Gba music. With a little creativity and perseverance, anyone can create their own Gba music!

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